General contract

Preparation and comprehensive organization of construction, implementation of projects of any complexity in all industrial sectors of Ukraine: agriculture industry, oil and gas industry, oil refining - extraction and distillation plants, boilers and high-capacity biogas stations, any utilities, metal structures.

Gazintech General Contract is a comprehensive construction project management.

The main difference between ‘’Gazintech’’ and regular general contractors and subcontractors of Ukraine is the modern approach to construction project management. Most construction companies operate on outdated principles, and when a customer delegates responsibilities to a selected general contractor to begin work, much of the budget goes to indirect costs, planning, financing, and even understanding the sequence of construction, simply evaporating, even unintentionally, invested resources.

Our approach:

  1. Lean production - the goal is to strive for the ideal result - the complete absence of obstacles in the implementation of the Construction Project. After all, the ideal result is our highest reference point, and we strive for it with the help of various tools for construction project management. We always share our efficiency calculations with our customers, copying and improving our own best practices in lean management, production and supply organization (Kanban), and project management tools.
  2. Own departments of planning, budgeting, accounting: we do not spend time and money of the investor on search of shots and the organization of works necessary for fast and smooth start of the construction project.
  3. We do not spend significant funds on the search for qualified professionals and companies, we already work efficiently and reliably with partners, so we have economic guarantees for all types of work. The search for and attraction of new partners does not stop to compete in the industrial modern construction market.
  4. Our own management staff has experience in both the largest holdings in Ukraine and abroad, we are ready to work independently with foreign customers, investors and suppliers.
  5. We are able to perform complex construction projects on our own, we are ready in terms of personnel, finances and technically.
  6. We analyze the risks as an integral part of Lean Manufacturing. We advise the customer or potential investor even at the pre-contractual stage.
  7. Performing the main tasks as a general contractor:
  • all types of construction and installation works;
  • interaction with subcontractors;
  • ensuring the safety of construction works;
  • Safety and Health;
  • environmental protection;
  • technical supervision;
  • technical support on the design stage;
  • site preparation;
  • organization of construction process management;
  • full scope transfer of the Object to the Customer.

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